The Best “Bang” For Your Buck: Perth Private Escorts

Perth, Australia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The only thing that can match its beautiful beaches, amazing cityscape and incredible natural sights is the beauty of its women. Some of the best, most incredible looking private escorts in the world work in Perth. Just because these ladies are very high class and deliver world class service doesn’t mean that they are not affordable to just about every guy.

If you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck with Perth private escorts the first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you are looking for. For example, meeting a lovely lady for dinner and drinks can be a much different encounter than inviting her to your hotel room for a quiet evening in. If you know up front what you are looking for you can negotiate before the meeting and make certain that both of you has a happy outcome from the date.


Negotiation is the key whenever you decide to hire a sexy, talented Perth private escort. If you use a website or directory to locate the girl you would like to meet up with you can often find out her prices in advance. You can compare what she wants with what you have to spend and decide for yourself if you think it is a workable deal. Of course you are never out anything to ask. If you present a suggested date to a sexy escort with a budget in mind and she gives you an emphatic “no” then you can move on and find another that may agree to your terms.

The internet is your best friend. Many Perth private escorts list themselves in directories or have their own websites. Here you can compare them, get an idea of the prices they charge and know in advance which ladies are more likely to fit your allotted budget. If a lady’s posted prices are five times what you have to spend, you might not want to waste your time contacting her and negotiation when there is little chance you will succeed. You can better focus your attention on those ladies who are more likely to be within your budget.

Simply put, to get the biggest bang for your buck with Perth private escorts simply decide how to much you have to spend, factor in all costs including transportation, dinner, drinks or any other activity you may have planned and how much you have to spend then use the internet to find an escort you like and negotiate with her to join you on your date.

This Year’s Most Popular Perth Bars

Since the Government’s major liquor license reform in 2007 the bar scene in Perth has bloomed. With the ability to offer more to its residents and tourists the young city has grown, creating more opportunities for employment and entertainment. To help support the growing cultural experience bars have popped up all over the city and the options for places to go out for a drink increased significantly. With so many options available it can be hard to choose the best bar to go to. Make your choice a little bit simpler by checking out this year’s most popular perth bars.

Luxe Bar

If you are searching for the perfect cocktail, Luxe Bar is a haven for the best classic cocktails and new twists on the traditional cocktail. It has received both national and international recognition and been voted one of the best bars in the country by Bartender magazine. There are four spaces available; the Main Bar, the Red Room, Luxe Out and bamboo, where you can relax and enjoy the vibe.

East End Bar


One of Perth’s most luxurious late night bars the East End Bar is the lounge of choice for the most elite of Perth. With its velvet curtains, stained-wooden floors and red chandeliers it has a very elaborate appearance much similar to an old-fashioned speak-easy. Besides the bar the rest of the place consists of a dance floor and DJ booth. East End’s bartenders are extremely well at mixing drinks and can make anything from sours to martinis.


With an emphasis on quality over popularity 1907 is dedicated to offering only the best cocktails, wines, spirits and beers the world has to offer. Enlisting experts with both national and international experience you and your guests will experience an extraordinary night with the opportunity to taste some of the most rare drinks from around the world.

The Cheeky Sparrow

One of the most unique Perth bars, the Cheeky Sparrow is nestled deep in the heart of the fashion district attracting the most eclectic personalities around. Offering lunch and coffee starting at 7 in the morning the Cheeky Sparrow leads a double life transforming into a bar once the sun goes down.

Whether you are planning a trip to Perth or a resident of Perth, visiting the local bars is just as important and exciting as checking out a local museum or restaurant. They are an insight into the local culture and whether or not you’re a partier traveling the world to find the best party spots or the type who likes to just kick back and observe your surroundings these popular bars will be worthwhile to add to your itinerary.

Navigating Perth Dating Sites

It seems like with each passing week there are more and more dating sites that pop up online. With such a large number to choose from it can be hard do decide which Perth dating sites are the best for helping you find that special someone online. Here is some advice on how to navigate through all the Perth dating sites to get the most out of your online experience.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you are looking for. There are now dating sites that cater to just about every need, niche, religion and demographic. If you are looking for a long term relationship you will likely want to use different dating sites than if you are just looking for a short term fling or hookup. From there you can do some basic searches to get you started. For example, if you are looking for a fling in Perth you might search for “Perth adult dating sites.” If you are looking for something more long term you might try, “Perth relationship dating sites.”

Once you have a list of sites to choose from my advice would be to narrow them down based on the area that they serve. For example, a huge dating site that covers the entire globe and only has a tiny section devoted to Perth may not be as useful as a site that is dedicated to just people from Perth.

The good news is that most of these dating sites offer you the option of trying them out for free. You can jump inside and give them a test drive without having to spend any money. If you want to actually contact someone then you will likely have to purchase a membership of some sorts.

A friend of mine once told me that nobody tells the truth online. When it comes to using a dating site, that is actually pretty bad advice. When you create your profile use current pictures of yourself and be honest about who you are and what you are looking for. The site’s goal is to match you with like-minded people so if you don’t tell the truth they will end up matching you with people who may not actually be looking for the same things you are.

When you contact someone be friendly, respectful and honest. Tell them upfront what you are looking for and what your intentions are. The idea of a dating site is that it should save you time. If you are up front and to the point you can weed out those that don’t share a common goal and focus your time on those that do.

With a little work and some good searches you can easily sift through all the dating sites out there and find that perfect person in Perth to meet up with.

Where To Find Perth Strippers

Want to head out into the robust Perth nightlife and see some strippers showing off their amazing bodies? Let’s us give you some ideas on the hottest clubs to hit for the sexiest nude girls in Perth.

If you are talking about strippers in Perth, you have to start the conversation with Voodoo Lounge. It has been voted the best gentlemen’s club in Perth for three years running by the Australian Adult Industry Awards. Part of what makes Voodoo Lounge so successful is there theme events. From super heroes and villains to foxy boxing to twerking contests and pole dancing contests, Voodoo Lounge regularly has some fun events planned. They also feature a full bar and host feature dance nights where some of the hottest, most famous porn stars in the world take the stage.


The Doll House bills itself as Perth’s original gentlemen’s club and they work hard to continue proving that they are among the best clubs out there. With VIP and private rooms they can accommodate groups and those who wish to have a little privacy. They offer special shows including Why Not Wednesdays where they celebrate the middle of the week by putting on a very hot show. Whether you are out for a night on the town with friends, having a bachelor party or just want to relax, have a few drinks and enjoy the ladies, The Doll House has something for you.

Xotica is a club that has an official partnership with Penthouse so they not only have some of the hottest local strippers, but they bring in some of the sexiest girls right from the pages of Penthouse. For those looking for a theme, Xotica holds fantasy nights that include pajama parties, lingerie, beach bashes and wet n’ wild nights. They are also the club where the Miss Nude WA competition is held every year. Unlike many other clubs, Xotica also allows you to hire topless and nude waitresses as well as specialty private shows including girl on girl lesbian shows.

These three clubs represent the cream of the crop when it comes to Perth strip clubs. There are plenty of smaller, less expensive clubs as well and many of them have plenty of very sexy girls. A few quick searches in Google for Perth strip clubs can bring you back a nice collection of choices and will no doubt help you find just the right place to fit you budget and desires.

Best Perth Swinger Clubs

Perth is a fun, vibrant city with a relaxed sexual attitude and some of the hottest swingers clubs in all of Australia. Here we will talk about a few of the most popular clubs in the city and let you know what they, and the scene in general, have to offer.

As a general rule of thumb you can expect any swingers club to have certain rules you must obey and a certain etiquette you must follow. Some of this is just common sense, but it worth mentioning. For starters, all clubs want you to be respectful of others. Don’t just jump in unless you are invited or you ask. If you are told “no” don’t get angry, just move on. Don’t drink too much. Nobody at the party wants a sloppy drunk falling all over the place. If you want to drink, go to a bar. If you want to have group sex, go to a swingers club.

Most swingers clubs in Perth (and elsewhere) cater to couples. Single women are almost always welcome and single guys in many cases are welcome so long as they are accompanied by couple or a single woman. Rarely are just single men let in. If they allowed single men in the room would be full of nothing but singles guys.


Many swingers clubs like Pleasure Lounge host a variety of different themed events. For example they might have a pajama party night or a lingerie night. They may have a night where you dress in formal wear to impress or a beach party night. The clubs typically post the themes of their parties online and will let you know what the theme is when you register. If there is a theme you should do you best to stick to it.

There are a few different online directories that list all the swingers events in Perth including those that take place in clubs and private events. Many of the private events are invite only, but if they are listed on the site you can contact them and find out how to get an invite. They may actually be listed because they are looking for more people to join in the fun.

The swingers scene in Perth is growing quickly. As more and more clubs open and more people enter the scene, finding a hot swingers party to join is becoming an easier and easier thing to do.